Getting Your Education to Work for You

If you are looking to accelerate your academic or career pathway, admission to Long Beach City College is the first step towards achieving your goals.

Long Beach City College is for students who are, or will soon be, high school graduates or transfer students and adults looking to earn their degree or career certificate at either our Liberal Arts or Pacific Coast Campuses.

The process is simple and quick. Learn more about us by visiting

Long Beach City College – Where Education Works!

Step 1: Admission

Complete the LBCC application for admission online at There are special admissions requirements for International Students. Call (562) 938-44745 for details or go to Begin Application Here

Step 2: Orientation & Assessment

Sign up for the Assessment Test online at or by calling (562) 938-4049 (Liberal Arts Campus or (562) 938-3270 (Pacific Coast Campus). You may also complete the online orientation at

Step 3: Counseling

Make an appointment to see a counselor. Bring your assessment test scores and recommendations so you can discuss your goals with the counselor, develop an educational plan, and receive referrals to other services. Visit or call (562) 938-4562/4560 or PCC (562) 938-3920.

Step 4: Financial Aid

Complete the FAFSA & Board of Governors’ Fee Waiver Application through the Financial Aid Office at both LAC and PCC Financial Aid Offices. Apply online for Financial Aid LAC at or call (562) 938-4257 or PCC (562) 938-3955.

Step 5: Registration

With the educational plan you develop with your counselor, use the schedule of classes online to put together a list of the courses you will be taking. If you have any questions or you need your LBCC Student ID Number, password or registration appointments contact Admissions online at or call (562) 938-4485.

So we can better assist you, please let us know what information you need.